Pet Food: Staying Ahead of Counterfeits & Maximizing Consumer Engagement

Posted by Jack Billings and Ottilia Tribe | Tue, Aug 14, 2018 @ 11:42 AM

State of the Art Pet Food Protection:

The ever growing market for luxury pet food, has made it increasingly important for customers to know if the products they are purchasing are genuine. It is also vital that the brands themselves know where their products are being distributed, so that they can keep track of sales and protect their company. 

One way that this can easily be done is through direct customer engagement.

 The Issues at Hand 

A global pet food company started to distribute their products in China, but found that it was difficult to monitor their market channels.  Therefore, they wanted to gather information from their customers, in order to develop a better marketing strategy and prevent potential counterfeit products.

Customized Product Protection and Enhanced Consumer Engagement

After talking to many different security firms, they found that NanoMatriX would give them the opportunity to create a fully customized product to meet their every need. We pitched the idea of using the TrackMatriX® Geo program which would allow them to track and trace the locations of their products.

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Following some slight adjustments to the TrackMatriX® Geo program, as per the brand's specific requirements, we created a revolutionary QR ID tag with a unique scratch off code. After the QR code is scanned, a user can input the 6-digit code to reveal a second level of information. The code not only allowed the customer to verify the products authenticity, but also to gain access to exclusive brand content. Furthermore, the TrackMatriX® Geo code would enable the owners to measure customer engagement, adding valuable marketing data, further enhancing their campaigns and increasing sales. 

 Successful Pilot Launch 

The project turned out to be a huge success, where more than 50% of customers used the additional scratch off code to further verify the authenticity of the products and participate in consumer engagement activities. The TrackMatriX® Geo system keeps a record of the time and location of every product scan, meaning that the company would now have a highly comprehensive customer database, and be able to monitor the distribution and frequency of interest in their products.

This kind of valuable information continues to help the company refine its marketing strategies and move towards smart business growth.


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