3 Reasons Why NFC Tags are the Favorite to Wine Collectors

Posted by Kate Kull | Wed, May 02, 2018 @ 06:02 PM

Why NFC Tags are the Favourite to Wine Collectors?

Raising Wine Frauds Globally

Counterfeit wines have proliferated over the past decade. Numerous news and studies indicate that 20 % wine around the world is fake. Many aggressive counterfeiters might take authentic bottles but refill the bottle with fake wine, or, they remove an authentic label and place it on a similar shape for selling. It is undoubted that wine fraudsters can easily access and take advantage of this multi-billion-dollar industry if missing any brand protection strategies or solutions for the wine products.


Billionaire Wine Lover Spends US$ 35M to Investigatethe Source of Fake Wines

In 2017, Bill Koch, a wine collector, who spent US$400,000 to purchase Jefferson bottles, but he found that these bottles were counterfeited. Therefore, he spent US$35 Million for investigation and he later won the judgement. However, not everyone is billionaire, could there be a simple solution for brand protection?


Here it is! A Superb, Cutting Edge Technology Solution

NanoMatriX offers a unique brand protection and consumer engagement NFC-based solution, TrackMatriX®Platinum, featuring the highly secure digital authentication with tamper evidence, strong traceability along supply chain as well as multiple consumer engagement services through integrating smart TrackMatriX®Tag in your premium wine with a customizable smartphone app for product verification and deeper engagement.



Just a Simple Tap, Endless Benefits to Valued Wine Collectors

TrackMatriX®Platinum, a smart NFC-based solution, provides the endless benefits that wine collectors can’t miss, such as:

  • Enhanced confidence when ensuring the product originality

Delivery and display of tracking report and information about the bottle’s authenticity accurately and Instantly at every NFC-enabled smartphone tap


  • Interact directly with wine brand while enjoying the wine

Wine collectors are likely to know more specific information about the wine such as wine image, winery, chateau, origin and vintage, etc. Let consumers get more familiar with the wine brands and share their thoughts via social media buttons.


  • Guarantee your premium wine always in the best condition

With TrackMatriX®Platinum as their support, wine collectors can easily check the wine condition at their personal wine collection anytime to ensure the best timing for tasting. In addition, wines are also alternatives as gifts to someone special.


  • Unexpected positive surprises after cutting the tag

TrackMatriX®Tag always provides the additional features, even after cutting the tag. A custom message can be delivered to the wine collectors. This makes them curious and stimulates their desire to see what “secret” message is inside.


Start Your Brand Protection Plan Before it’s Too Late!

NanoMatriX understands the market trends as well as clients’ needs and requirements.

 To encourage the application of NFC-enabled system for wine industry, we would like to offer a NFC Starter Kit to an affordable price in our eShop. Let’s get started!


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