NanoMatriX WineWarden: Revolutionary Wine Protection Solution

Posted by Jack Billings and Ottilia Tribe | Mon, Aug 13, 2018 @ 03:14 PM

Welcome to the New Age of Wine Protection: 

Finally, there is a proven solution to protect high-end wines from the grape to the glass. WineWarden provides unbreakable protection in both the physical and virtual worlds. Collectors and producers alike can guarantee that their product is untouched and kept in optimal conditions throughout its lifetime.

A first in Hong Kong, NanoMatriX has successfully launched a NFC powered tag to protect high-end wine brands from counterfeits and provide thrilling wine data for collectors. WineWarden overcame many protection challenges that have plagued the wine industry for decades to set the new standard in bottle security.

 State-of-the-Art Physical Protection 

The WineWarden NFC Tamper Tag is the first of its kind to stick to even the slickest of bottles. The WineWarden holds strong while previous tags ran the risk of being removed from the bottle, thus compromising the protection.

The NFC Tamper Tag is also equipped with a specially constructed neck that extends over the bottle cap. The tag tamper element allows the tag to be alerted when the bottle is opened. When the consumer scans the NFC label, he/she will be notified if the bottle has ever been opened before.


Advanced Virtual Connection 


WineWarden NFC Tamper Tag capabilities allow producers, distributors, and customers to communicate with the physical product. By using an authorized TrackMatriX Bolt application, users can view all previous information attached to the unique NFC tag on each bottle. They can also upload new information including bottle location, storage conditions, and ownership records. The bottle itself is now an accurate and trusted information source for all stakeholders!

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