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Posted by Bobby Ng | Wed, Aug 01, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

Hands - on Speech to Guide You into NFC's world

Aligning with the companies’ vision, Mr. Alfons Futterer, co-Founder and Managing Director of NanoMatriX, has suggested NFC solutions to provide a better customers’ purchasing experience in his speech:


“NFC Solutions: Experience the shopping fun with Smart Business Intelligence”.

For those who missed the precious speech, further information about NFC will be provided below.

Fast Growing Technology with

Near-Infinite Possibilities


Source: NFC Vs QR Codes

The consumer’s acceptance of QR codes, especially in Asia, is far more developed than the use of NFC for brand engagement.

However, the NFC technology does allow brand owners and retailers to create

  • a wide range of exciting consumer engagement programs with various features
  • integrate highly secure cryptographic communication protocols and procedures

In fact, NFC is capable to foster brand loyalty and reward customers. Certain NFC tags allow brand owners to confidently issue cash vouchers to their customers.


We ensure the increase in value for the brand and the capitalization and revenue due to the benefits NFC offers.

It engages all customers, even the ones who don’t have an NFC compatible smart phone.

Harvey Nichols placed NFC enabled tablets in-store for customers to interact with products via NFC tags on shelves in 2013 and reengaging consumers through emails.


Empowering Brands with Track & Trace and

Consumer Engagement Capabilities

Anti-counterfeiting, consumer engagement and tracking features have always been the ideal product enablers for brands but many brands have not been able to include all three and embrace the benefits simultaneously. The TrackMatriX® NFC developed by NanoMatriX is a perfect solution for brandowners while all issues could be solved by this innovative system.



3 types of NFC tag TrackMatriX® NFC offering


The working process of TrackMatriX® NFC


Scanning (A single tap on TrackMatriX® NFC tag)

Consumer can use generic NFC readers on smartphone to tap the TrackMatriX® NFC on the products to start the verification process. All scanning activities are recorded and stored in the cloud – hosted systems and being analyzed by TrackMatriX® Insights.


Verifying (Cloud – hosted Verification Track & Trace)

The results of verification will direct users to different pages. For suspicious results, notice pages will display for users as reminder of dubious NFC scanning. Valid scanning will direct users’ device to the landing page showing information of the product provided by the brand with opened/ sealed status. A “More Info’ button placing on the bottom of landing page can be the key to further consumer engagement.


Engaging (Customized Consumer Engagement)

When users click the “More Info” button, they will be directed to a promotion page which could be for warranty, e – coupons, game/video, chat bot or push notification use. As a result, more information about the consumers can be collected during the consumer engagement process.


Reporting Portal (Backend Marketing Data Analytics)

Geolocation and behavioral data will be collected and analyzed by TrackMatriX® Insights including scanning frequency, real – time GPS location, scanning devices etc. Suspicious alert is also active for any suspicious scanning activity.


A simple yet fast process is all that is needed for the consumers to verify the product authenticity. Meanwhile, they can learn about the product and be engaged  in further marketing activities. The entire process is beneficial to both the consumers and the brands, as the latter gather more consumer marketing data and assure product authenticity via track and trace features in their products.


Never Fall Behind the Marketing Trend

Numerous of audiences visited NanoMatriX’s both in Retail Asia Expo 2018 after the speech given by Mr .Futterer to enquiry about TrackMatriX® NFC because NFC will be the popular tool as utility maximization of sales channels.


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