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Team Members

What Brings Us Altogether?

Vision and Mission

Since 2004, NanoMatriX International Limited is a company that focuses in brand and document protection, provides secured track and trace, IT solutions and customization.

NanoMatriX designs and provides innovative solutions for secured authentication and verification purposes. Innovative, trustworthy, customer-focused and professional are the core values of NanoMatriX that attract employees to work at and the customers to cooperate with.

NanoMatriX Logo for Homepage PNGAlfons and Jacqueline

Alfons Futterer, Managing Director (left) and Jacqueline Gan, Deputy Managing Director (right) at NanoMatriX.

NanoMatriX operates under and follows strictly in accordance of the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance as well as the quality management standard of ISO 9001:2015 since 2010.  Keeping this in mind, it is the obligation of the management to provide sufficient resources to ensure the organization is capable to deliver products and services at the highest possible quality and will make all possible efforts to improve the quality of the product and services delivered over time.  Consequently, we believe it is our company's obligation to:

  1. Make available inhouse and off-site professional training & support to staff who need to additional skills to manage the tasks well in a fast-paced IT, digital marketing or business environment. Hereto multiple training opportunities are provided.
  1. Monitor leaning and performance progress. Hereto each staff member will meet with their managers at least two times a year to discuss additional training and resources are required from both sides (employer and employee) to support a continuous cycle of improvement towards operational and customer service excellence.
  1. Provide an emotionally and physically safe environment to all employees so to ensure all team members can do the work they love, and they signed up for with the company well and to their own satisfaction.
  1. Ensure equal career opportunities to all, independent from ethnic background and gender. To ensure all staff knows what they can expect from their employer as well from their colleagues. A detailed employee handbook is available. Accessible to every staff member. The management welcomes suggestions to make NanoMatriX a better place to work.
  1. Act professionally especially, if something goes wrong. The management and staff will follow best practices to analyze the root cause of each problem. Document the root causes and work together with the staff and relevant partners to resolve the root causes and monitor closely how the new process is preforming, so that we never make the same mistake twice.
  1. Develop and maintain a positive, straight forward corporate culture. Each staff knows what to expect from team members and from their employers. A detailed employee handbook is available to all staff to review how all Human Resource matters are handled. At least one time a year the employee handbook will be reviewed for any necessary improvements. Beyond the documentation the communication style at NanoMatriX is simple "We do what we say" and we "Say what we do".


Overcoming Challenges

Challenges are a source for team motivation. One of the challenges faced by NanoMatriX is the time consumed in each project. Each project takes time to communicate in detail with customers and other stakeholders. The NanoMatriX team overcomes these challenges by regular communication and project refinements. After client project meetings, the team sorts out the issues, concerns and disseminate them with the relevant team members for processing and feedback, if any. Everyone has a chance to contribute to each project’s improvements. Specific skillset training for individuals is provided at all times, to facilitate one’s work, project assessment and management skills.

Working on Projects

NanoMatriX team members working on projects

Lifelong Career Training

Career training, also known as on-the-job training, is necessary and  taken by the employees in terms of training courses, workshops or online programs. The company puts emphasis on the career training in an on-going basis in order to equip the team members with professional skills and knowledge. NanoMatriX provides career training for employees on regular basis to ensure that employees are well equipped to work on project specifications.

Training Methods include:

  • Online training programs
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Co-worker training
  • Workshops


For example, Addison, Sales Executive of NanoMatriX, was being trained by the senior sales executive of NanoMatriX at the time he was employed. “It is more efficient when using this approach as I could shorten the time attending the workshop and enhance a better communication with my colleagues.” Addison Man said.

Besides, employees should have good understanding about the products and how it works so that they can answer the enquires and perform effectively with a professional manner. These trainings are long term practice which helps improve the quality of service as well as the interpersonal relationship.

Our IT Programmer, Ben Nicolson, did a product training directly from Alfons, the Managing Director, by learning the security features of products relevant to him. Ben took the AWS training and certification programs. AWS is a comprehensive training which offers various learning paths, onsite training, virtual training programs, and can work with your organization to develop a customized learning strategy. AWS free digital training provides AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Big Data Technical Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals.

“Took some courses on AWS to get started, but there is still more to take and then take some certifications. And finally, there has been general reading for the different technologies involved. This is mostly the usual software stuff like a web framework and mobile programming. The most interesting result has been learning cryptography to better understand and use the NFC tag documentation.” Ben Nicolson said.


“AWS certification helps me learn and understand the concept and fundamentals of cloud computing. Solution Architect is a deep dive into creating and deploying an application or software and also remotely set up the complete IT infrastructure in any AWS region across the globe. AWS architectural best practices help to build scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant systems efficiently.” Punit Vaswani said.


Another IT Programmer, Punit Vaswani, also took the AWS training and certification.

 “NanoMatriX provides opportunity for me to take the course so that I can perform better in my work and also, uplift my technical skills.”

NanoMatriX encourages to deploy new technologies by utilizing best practices in cloud computing. Wherein going through the training, working on live projects to get hands-on experience and that benefits to accomplish certification exams.

A Delighted Workplace Atmosphere Leads to Success

Always remember that employees are the most important assets for an organization. A comfortable working environment attracts the right people to perform their best for the company. Hence, cultivating the organization a happy place for work is a cornerstone to success and one of NanoMatriX’s growth objectives. At NanoMatriX, colleagues are keen on helping each other while the superiors, Alfons and Jacqueline, are willing to listen and work on co-workers’ feedbacks. A close relationship and two-way communication between the subordinates and superiors can reduce mistakes and also enhance co-workers’ productivity.

An Ideal Workplace is:

  • Appropriate amount of pressure
  • Efficient communication
  • Good colleague relationship
  • Challenges and opportunities provided
  • Sufficient support

Eric Lam Image

Eric Lam has been working as Marketing Executive of NanoMatriX for one and a half year.

“It is undoubted that NanoMatriX is one of best places to work in Hong Kong. A challenging atmosphere allows me to learn something new every day while it provides a lot of opportunity for me to explore a new window through participating wide range of events, including major and international events.” Eric Lam said.


Charlie Tsang, Marketing Executive of NanoMatriX, has experienced the marketing automation platform online training to ensure that the employee has adequate knowledge to execute marketing strategies and implement marketing campaigns. Besides this training, she felt comfortable with the company environment.

“As we work closely with each individual, we chat and laugh during the working time which reduce the pressure and fast-pacced atmosphere. Although I only work as one of the team members of NanoMatriX for a short period, the sense of belonging has been built.” Charlie Tsang said.


Eric Ho, the designer of NanoMatriX, said “I am fascinated in this job with certain environment because I enjoy sharing the same mission with NanoMatriX. The management of NanoMatriX encourages me to achieve the goal together with the company which would be a motivation to strive for better results.”


Kate Kull, Marketing Executive of NanoMatriX

As a high technology company, we have overseas colleagues remotely working with us. Kate Kull, Marketing Executive of NanoMatriX, is remotely working with us in Germany.

 “I am  European and enjoy working with an international team.” Kate said.

“I love working for NanoMatriX as I can develop my skills every day with new challenging tasks. I enjoy the diversity of tasks and the atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to work in a new environment and explore the culture as well.” Generally, she started working in January and did many online trainings and research. Online training does consolidate the knowledge of employees and tests can ensure where they stand.


Obviously, all members of NanoMatriX enjoy being part of the team.

Team Members

Team members of NanoMatriX

NanoMatriX cooperates closely with NXP, the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, for "Consumer Interactive Marketing" in Asia and Europe. NanoMatriX and NXP supply NFC empowered mobile solutions for a wide range of applications, including Government and Industrial projects. Contact us for further details.

Our Latest Developments

NanoMatriX cooperates closely with NXP, the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, for "Consumer Interactive Marketing" in Asia and Europe. NanoMatriX and NXP supply NFC empowered mobile solutions for a wide range of applications, including Government and Industrial projects. Contact us for further details.


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