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Wine Fraud Occurred in Every Facet

Maureen Downey, a wine authenticator, explained that wine fraud isn’t limited to counterfeiting; it also includes selling fake wines online, stealing wine in transit (from restaurants and from storage facilities), and claiming insurance on it.

One seminar attendee, Eric Desgouttes of Kerry Wines, said “Hong Kong is not making fakes, but we source wines from around the world.” He has unknowingly bought and tried several fake wines.

In fact, NanoMatriX addressed the following wine frauds:

  • Counterfeiting – fake products
  • Parallel Trading – products traded outside the authorized territory
  • Product Return Fraud – customers returned fake products for refund
  • Warranty Fraud – warranty claimed on fake products

Don’t Worry, NanoMatriX Can Definitely Help

And while some producers of fine wine are trying their best to thwart counterfeiters by changing labels or adding holograms, others don’t have the resources to answer buyers’ queries regarding if they have bought the real thing.

With a view to the frauds, NanoMatriX implemented certain brand protection plans.

TrackMatriX® Geo and TrackMatriX® Lock

The major difference is TrackMatriX® Lock has double layer of information sets, which means the covert message in TrackMatriX® Lock can only be seen via the dedicated inspector app while any generic QR code reader can read overt message.


Want to Stay Ahead of Competitors?

TrackMatriX® NFC


“… others don’t have the resources to answer buyers’ queries regarding if they have bought the real thing.”

With the verifying, customers can ensure the authentication of what they bought, they do not have to worried about the genuineness. Moreover, you can engage your customers with regard to the landing page after verification result in order to build customer loyalty by voucher promotion, gaming or push notification etc.

In terms of TrackMatriX® NFC, NTAG 213 TT is being applied in wine and spirits. If anyone attempts to sell an opened wine, users equipped with an NFC-enabled smartphone can detect that it has been opened. In that way, they can trace where it originated, and the product authenticity can be checked.

Deep Insight of Brand Protection and Consumer Engagement

Reporting Portal

NanoMatriX provides with the access of reporting portal which can record the instant scanning alert. This is something what NanoMatriX stands out from the competitors! While your customers scanning on the TrackMatriX® Mark or tapping on the TrackMatriX® NFC, data will be collected instantly at the back-end. This is for the ease of your marketing analysis and scanning events monitoring. Consumer behavior or suspicious scanning activities can be observed and do further action in order to maximize your revenue.

Subscription Platform
Here is a custom-built and globally accessible platform for wine traders to trace high-valued wines. Wine collectors will be able to view wine data. NanoMatriX provides IT services with brand protection at the same time to uplift your brand value.

How to Engage Your Customers?

  1. Scanning
  2. Verifying
  3. Engaging – product information, voucher promotion, gaming, chatbot, push notification


  • Inventory track and trace
  • Rapid verification
  • Instant alert and scanning event captured
  • Marketing analysis with big data collected

Benefits of Reporting Portal and Subscription Platform

  • Free access to TrackMatriX® Reporting Portal
  • Secure multi-level access user management
  • Wide range of suspicious activity alert settings
  • Rich engagement and user activity reporting


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