Launch of NanoMatriX eBook

Posted by Jacqueline Gan | Tue, Sep 11, 2018 @ 02:55 PM

NanoMatriX is proud to announce the official release of a new eBook called ‘Protect Your Brand From Product Crime’.


The eBook outlines all the major threats to modern ecommerce and counterfeiting, which puts your intellectual property under risk. The eBook is written for company owners who want to ensure that their brand is safe from:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Parallel Trade
  • Product Return Fraud
  • Warranty Fraud
  • Pilferage


The trend of these product crimes is increasing at a dangerous rate. For each of the five product crimes listed above, in our eBook we have defined them and put them into context.


This eBook provides reader a comprehensive guide regarding brand owner’s intellectual property rights and measures that they can enforce to combat criminals.


Furthermore, the eBook puts this information into context by using real cases, to allow the reader to understand the extent of these crimes. For example, in Chapter 2 the eBook explores cases that NanoMatriX has worked with directly. Hence, the eBook provides relevant information about the technology and products that can be invested in to ensure that a brand stays safe.


At NanoMatriX we feel that safeguarding your brand is more than just a protective measure, it is also an important technique to expand your brand and increase potential business. Therefore, we believe it is crucial that all companies should invest in the right technology(ies) and products to ensure their brand is protected.


By producing this eBook, we hope that our clients and business appreciate our passion for our expertise. We sincerely hope that you read the eBook and do not hesitate to leave a review so we know your thoughts.


The eBook is currently available at


We also encourage you to contact NanoMatriX to tailor brand protection and consumer engagement solutions for your business.


Enjoy reading!

Written by Jacqueline Gan