3 Great Methods to Protect and Engage your Brand in China Market

Posted by Serena Huang | Thu, Nov 02, 2017 @ 03:48 PM

Chinese consumption of wine is growing rapidly. A research from China Briefing indicates that China would become the top imported wine growth markets (+79.3% to 2020), the US (+4.8%), Russia (+15.7%), Canada (+7.4%) and Japan (+7.7%) (by volume).  However, such growth brings on a new set of woes for wines distributors & merchants. There is a surge of counterfeit or fake wines reported in China market, an estimation of 70% of wine sold in China was reported fake in 2015. 30,000 bottles of fake wine are sold and consumed each hour in China (Council of Bordeaux Wine).


Well-known & popular wine brands are often counterfeited. Cheap wines and harmful chemicals used in such knockoffs significantly affect reputation of legitimate wine brands, eroding confidence of consumers and sales. Facing with these challenges, wine companies should be fully prepared in knowledge and measures to handle product security and engagement problems.


Good security always goes along with good inspection. It knows that only rely on company itself to tackle counterfeiting problems either difficult and expensive. Therefore, using technology to inspire your consumers to do product inspection and engaging with them at same time by using QR code or NFC couldn't be more apt.

In the frontend, guide your customer to engage with company website, product authentication, special promotion, membership program, push notification, etc. While at backend, qualified in analysis page, brand owner can easily analyses data in detail.

NanoMatriX has 3 great anti-counterfeiting solutions that can protect your brand, and engage with your customers according to your needs. These are:


  • TM Silver

Serialization, Product Security & Customer Engagement 

A self-managed track and trace system for item-by-item serialization with the objective to increase product security and strengthen brand recognition.

Benefits are:

  • Track & trace: Real-time Alert, global counterfeits detection
  • Verification: Web-based detect data & prove counterfeits
  • Engagement: loyalty program, product promotion, product education
  • Reporting: real-time data log, consumer behavior and analysis


  • TM Gold

Double Secure QR Authenticity - High Transparency of Quality Wine

Efficient public authentication within one second and hidden messages are encrypted and can only be detected by inspectors. Highly secure brand and product authentication solution.

Benefits are:

  • Stronger Authenticity: Additional hidden info authentication, meet the highest standards in terms of product protection
  • Verification: Online/offline real-time verification, custom-built app
  • Engagement: engage directly with customers via QR Codes scanning
  • Analytics: Measure & customize direct marketing campaign through big data analytics


  • TM Platinum

NFC: Create Unique Consumer Experience – Inventory Management

Highly security, engagement, authentication and management option support by Android and iOS.

Benefits are:

  • Advanced anti-counterfeiting: Use NFC enabled phone, without app, to digitally verify product authenticity
  • Exclusive user experience: Dynamically evolving and unique content experience that are fully triggered by end users and serviced in real time by web content platforms. Tags can report whether wine bottles have been opened and change mode of engagement with consumers.
  • Protected monetary offers: Ensure authenticity of discounts, coupons, vouchers, loyalty programs, sweepstakes entries and more, by preventing misuse and counterfeits.
  • Verified physical presence: Provide real trust, with an auditable history of tag presence and data log.
  • Inventory management (optional): A special type of NFC tag can be used to read NFC tags from a distance up to 1.5 meter. Means shop owner can optimize operation by using the special NFC tag to check and update their inventory database.
  • Rich data analytics: consumer engagement analytics platform

Additional services can be provided: other security feature enhancement, reporting portal, security strategy consultation, witness statement, etc.


Since 2004 NanoMatriX continuously bring innovation solutions to help brand owner and wine distributors to develop and deploy innovative brand protection & consumer engagement programs.


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Written by Serena Huang