Security Consumables

Security Taggant

Taggants are typically very small particles which can be detected with specialty instruments and carry forensic features which evaluated in laboratories to provide legal enforceable evidence to prove authenticity beyond any reasonable doubt.
We offer inorganic optically active ceramic security taggants which can be mixed into inks, coatings, adhesives or even into granulates for plastic injection molding. Here some of the outstanding characteristics:

  • Detection via precision instruments, multi-factor verification in milliseconds.
  • Complex, custom-designed security feature from single source, security certified supplier.
  • Inorganic taggant guarantees uniform performance under harsh conditions, long lifetime.
  • Suitable for all ink-types: We can also provide covert security taggant inkjet ink

Applications Include:

  • ID documents
  • Tax, post stamps other document of value
  • Protective marking on product packages
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Apparel and shoes labels
  • Etc...


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Security Ink

In most cases security inks will be the first choice to prove value, validate identity, authenticate products or track movements for the following reasons:

  • Capability contain overt, covert, forensic, and track & trace features
  • Cost efficiency
  • Usability on almost any substrate and in harsh environment
  • Compliance with nearly all available printing technologies

Specialty security inks can be provided for product, document marking and product tracking and tracing.



As an independent supplier of security inks, we guarantee a stable supply of standard and innovative security inks together with verification devices. Our extensive portfolio ensures that we will supply the best products to meet your specific need.

Scope of products:

We offer a wide range of security inks which can solve many document fraud and counterfeit issues. Often security features of inks can be combined to increase the security level and/or make printing of secure documents more economical. Here is a list of some of the security inks we can provide:

  • Invisible fluorescent inks, varnish
  • Numbering inks (black penetrating red or black UV fluorescent)
  • Coin reactive inks
  • Watermark inks
  • Intaglio inks
  • Photochromic inks
  • Metameric inks
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Optical changeable effect inks
  • Pearlescent inks
  • Iridescent inks
  • And custom formulated security ink



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Security Foil

Security foils are an important component to protect important documents such as banknotes, passports, ID documents, certificates, vouchers and many more. If carefully specified, counterfeiters will not be able to match the distinct appearance and unique security features which can be integrated into security foils.

Applications Include:

  • Stripes
  • Thread (window or embedded)
  • Patches
  • Laminates

Available security features include:

  • Fine-line demetallized features (highly precise)
  • In-register printed overt, covert or machine readable features
  • Integration of wide range of custom-made design assets

Type of foils available are:

  • Metallized and demetallized
  • Transparent holographic foil (ZnS or TiO2 metallized)
  • Silver holographic foil (Al-metallized)
  • Color changing
  • Combination of silver, color changing, and transparent holographic features

Security-Foil Renaissance-web

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Security Paper

Security paper has been and will continue for decades be a very relevant product to certify authenticity of important documents of value and identity. Security paper can host a number of security features which cannot easily be attached, simulated by counterfeiters:

We Offer:

  • Watermark (multi-tone and/or electrolyte)
  • Pulp composition and mixing ratio
  • Security fibers or planchettes
  • Chemical marker or tracing material

NanoMatriX is able to deliver high security paper application like:

  • Passports
  • Certificates
  • Non-Judicial
  • Checks (CBS1 and other specification)
  • Taylor made specification


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Security Fibers

We provide wide ranges of innovative security fibers. They are made of PET, PA, and viscose, depending on the specific security features required.


  • Security papers production by security paper mills
  • Innovative use in security documents or others application


  • Customer-oriented project management is backed by state-of-the-art production equipment for high volume – consistent high quality manufacturing capability
  • We offer a very wide range of innovative security fibers

090311 Multi-color-fiber-VL

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Color Change Effect Pigment

Color change effect pigments are the key component to manufacture color changing inks. They are one of the most widely used security feature, as they can be easily recognized without any tool. Optical changeable pigments perform well in ink or coating used in screen, rotogravure and intaglio printing. Excellent results have been achieved using these pigments for printing on paper, plastic or other materials.

Even when a low concentration is used, these pigments add a lot of aesthetic value to a document. The optical changeable pigments feature a very pronounced and distinct colour change even at low concentration.

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Taggant Technology to Efficiently Protect Documents & Products

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